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Nestled on 450 acres in northern Coweta County, Lone Oak Log Cabin lies on a piece of country almost in the city. In 1987 I designed the cabin and built it using no power tools except a chain saw. Saddle notches link the logs together and the chinking between logs consists of a special blend of sand mortar. Altogether the project took a year to complete.

Now, Lone Oak Log Cabin provides a comfortable overnight spot for weary hunters. For years the property surrounding the cabin has been maintained under quality deer management regulations. We have also managed the land to support turkeys, doves, and other wildlife.

Over the years many Yancey Wire & Cable customers have found great success hunting and fishing at Lone Oak Log Cabin, while many others have found a comfortable space to spend some peaceful time away from work. I hope you get the chance to visit Lone Oak Log Cabin where you can hunt, fish, and see that we truly care for our customers. 

Contact Richard to schedule a time to go visit.

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